Monday, August 4, 2014


The past couple of days I have come across either a book speaking to beliefs or an article or people sharing about the concept of beliefs.
Yesterday, I heard:
"We don't believe what we say we believe, we really live out what we believe." 
How thought provoking, and so true.  What is reflected back to me is what I believe.
Then I read yesterday's daily guide from Science of Mind:
Our beliefs truly do shape our perceptions and our world. We do not get what we think we deserve, but we always get what we believe. If we believe we are entitled to something, we typically create a whole internal narrative to support that idea. If we believe the world is not safe, we will begin to gather evidence to support this theory and then go about building the structures and protection around us to assure our survival.
Or, if we believe we are supported and loved not for any achievement or accomplishment, but because our Divine nature is one of love, creativity and supply, we then make ourselves available for a whole new experience of life. If I accept the premise that I am not alive to compete and battle others, but rather to collaborate and create, I begin to see the world in a whole different light. I start to dismantle my agreements with struggle and open myself to possibility and joyful expectation.
Believing I deserve something without doing the required work to shift my beliefs and behavior to right alignment with that which I desire always creates disappointment. It is always the consciousness beneath the thought that gives it life and form.
To shift any condition in my life, I must start with what I believe about that condition and then engage in the spiritual practices that give birth to newness.  (Excerpt from Science of Mind, August 3rd, 2014)
There is so much opportunity available here to ponder. Ask yourself, what is being reflected back to you that is based on your beliefs?  Is there something showing up that you absolutely appreciate, or don't want?
Search deep inside and spend a few minutes in quiet stillness and ask, how is my belief reflecting back.  Be aware, everything encountered has been created with a conscious or unconscious agreement

You have everything you need readily available to you to appreciate your belief, or to create a new belief, a new perspective.

What belief do you appreciate?
What belief do you want to change?

Enjoy this day, as you believe.

Warmly - Debbie

Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our belief is that anything the mind can think, it can unthank.

”The Science of Mind,” page 86

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Questions, Questions, Questions

What business or financial questions have been sitting in the back of your mind that you have been wanting answered?

I created the CFO Made Easy Q&A Test Pilot for small business owners to get support.  to get those questions answered.

There will be a series of 4 weekly calls, beginning Friday July 11th at 11AM PDT running through Friday, August 1st..

What burning questions could be on your mind?

What is the difference between Profit and loss versus cash flow?

How should I manage my cash flow?

How often should I review my bank account?

How do I find a bookkeeper to enter my invoices and expenses?

What is a chart of accounts?

How do I go about getting a business loan?

That is just a few that you may have on your mind that you want answers for from an expert.

Register here to get your questions answered .. Ask CFO Made Easy

Talk to you on Friday. #AskCFOMadeEasy

Warmly -


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Do you have a vision that needs to be communicated and you don't know how?  How do you want to communicate your vision?

A few thoughts and provoking questions for you to ponder.

Everybody has 3 fundamental needs.

1. To believe: All human hearts need to have faith in something or someone.

2. To belong: All human hearts need to experience community and family.

3. To become: All human hearts need to grow stretch and reach their potential.
What does your heart believe?  How do you hold faith in your vision of your business?

What does a community look like for you in your business? What is needed to create a community so you feel your vision is supported?

How are you being stretched to reach your vision?  Are you growing personally?  Is your business growing?  How?  What is different?  What do you want to be different? 
What does potential look like for you? Where do you start? Start with your values. What does potential of your vision look like for your business?  Where do you start?
Start with your values.

Want to brainstorm . . need direction . . .reach out and ask.

Warmly - Debbie

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Every morning I treat myself with a ritual of reading, meditation, journaling and praying.  When I come across a really good thought provoking story and insight my heart jumps a beat and states . . I must share this insight . . this wisdom.

Some of you may wonder or ask why? - Because my belief is we were put on planet earth to support each other to succeed.  In whatever it is we are here to do on our journey of life, and our journey of business.
If you feel or hold the notion that you are here to "do it" on your own - think again. 
I challenge you to ask yourself internally, "What is it that has me think I need to go/be on the journey to do life/business alone?"  Look around you - God did not place you on this planet alone.  Who made the rule;  its not ok to ask for help?  Leaders ask for help.  . There is strength and courage in asking for help.
So here it is . . the bit of wisdom I came across last week from the daily guides of Science of Mind . .
Changing Problems into Projects
"While in Southern California a few years ago, I was being interviewed on a radio program. The moderator said, “I have been to your church, and I notice that you are always happy, and you act as if you never have a problem. How do you do that?”

My heart responded, “I see problems as projects, because when we have a project, we seem to look for a plan to find the answer. And so I refer to problems as projects.”

What we call a problem is a temporary detour from a course of action, an unexpected event, or some interruption in our intentions, aspirations, or goals. One way to address a problem is to remember the biblical thought that says, “And it came to pass.” Deep within each of us lies an insular Tahiti—filled with peace and joy. That thought implies that despite challenges, problems, or temporary interruptions of our goals, there are answers available for every project.

Significant learning may be garnered from a strenuous situation, and this learning may be used for future enrichment. A wise counsel during problematic times is to be still and know. Another workable idea is to refrain from constantly verbalizing the issue. By taking the time to be still and listen within, we fulfill the words of a writer who says, “Be quiet, or your mouth will keep you deaf.” In silence, we access answers and promote greater receptivity for our good."

Science of Mind December 2013 Daily Guides

How do you see problems or issues in business?  In life?  Why not reframe from 'problem" to "project"?  Brainstorm solutions with your staff, business partner, coach, spouse or friends?

Problems/projects arise on our journey of life and business because we have something significant to learn.  Are you listening?

Warmly -


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Monday, November 11, 2013


How do they land, when you hear words?  Do you hear the words from your mind, or your heart?  How do they speak to your heart?  Or do they speak to your ego?

Words are what our mind grasps.  . and hangs on to.  Words are used to live, perceive, interpret, and create.

I came across the below message from Novembers Science of Mind and thought it would perfect to share, to provoke your mind.  . the message is simple, yet profound.  take heart . . this is a good leadership tool to consider . .

"I pulled out my bag of words and emptied them on the table so I could get to know them better. I like to chew on the tough ones and enjoy their flavor. I place the ones that easily melt with the very hard ones. I spend time writing words I like and have never used.

I am tender with words used in the language of love. Some of the bigger ones like anaconda, if not watched, will squeeze the life out of words like puff.

Words like judgment will try to stand on top of words like compassion and forgiveness and, if not watched, will steal the life from them. Words like hate self-justify and get along poorly with

most other words. Some people use the word love like soft butter and spread it on everything. When overused, it can lose its meaning. Words like sex undress the mind, while words like arrest scare people.

There are a million words to make friends with. It is important to remember that words have only as much power as you give them. Words are yours to use, but you cannot own them, and they do not own you. When people use words against you, bless and release them. They are not yours, and you don’t have to keep them. Words are tools that unlock the mind; it’s all in how you use them."

Each day as life moves through us we are to be present to the words. 

Be present to the words that show up in your daily life.  . listen to what they have to say. .  listen to the deeper underlying message. 

Want presence . . there is plenty

Would love to support you on your journey of leadership . . business and life. 

Reach out  . . to be heard you . . to be seen.  .

I am grateful for you.

With love and many blessings . .


Saturday, July 6, 2013


Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.  Anaïs Nin

Fear is an inevitable part of the landscape of our existence.  We have the results if billions of years of biological evolution built into every cell, every organ, and every system within the body.  Fear is an essential quality in the physical world, whether it is the awareness of danger or an encounter of with an unknown.  Fear just is.
So our goal cannot be to eliminate fear.  That would be like trying to eliminate skin - impossible.  What we must learn to do is to take greater dominion over our inner processes, including the fear response.  One way to do this is to develop courage.  Courage is also part of the landscape of our existence - another evolutionary gift from the ages.  Courage is the capacity to override fear where appropriate.  Courage is never present unless fear is also present.  every courageous act that we admire is performed by someone who overcomes fear.  And in order to overcome fear, we have to experience fear.  I have tired, but I cannot find a way around this.  We move through the fear, let the inner power express, and the experience is transformed.
So courage and fear are inseparable.  These two qualities go together.  As we develop the capacity to express courage, we do not rid ourselves of fear; we become the master of fear.  That is what we are to do in this life. (Science of Mind Magazine, July 2013, Jim Lockard; page 42)

Read this the other day and I felt one of my deeper inquiries was answered.  Last December I made an internal decision to conquer my fear as I am just tired of it.  It's paralyzing effects where it just stops me in my tracks.  I purchased quite a few books on "Fear" (Fear Thich Nhat Hanh,  The Transformation, Ainslie MacLeod, May Cause Miracles - A 42 Day Guide book, Gabrielle Berstein) to help me get to the point that I could stand on the top of the world and shout out.  . "I have CONQUERED you fear, Dam it."
Yet what I have noticed, I have read, listened, acknowledged and practiced recognizing what my fear is and just being with it.  Asking myself, "what am I learning about me and fear?"  What is needed?  I learned for me, it takes courage and compassion to stand up to fear.  With courage and compassion for self, I have developed a deeper connection and understanding of me.
Now learning that fear and courage are two qualities that hold hands and  that I will not rid myself of fear, I am able to be more purposeful when fear pops up.  I will ask myself, is this true fear of danger ahead, or is it because of the unknown.
Take time for yourself with courage and inquire deep within you what is your fear.  Know there is nothing to fix, just be curious to explore what it would take for you to move forward, if you feel stuck or paralyzed.
May this affirmation speak to you:
" I am a being of great courage.  I know that my inner strength is unlimited.  I face my fears from a place of deep knowing that there is more to me than fear -infinitely more."
Warmly -

Debbie Rosenfelt
Chief Heart Officer

Friday, June 14, 2013


I am easily inspired each day if it be reading a quote that speaks to my heart, a short story, watching a video or a movie, even through deep conversations with family and friends.  I intuitively seek the positive in every aspect of life or business.
This morning's encounter of inspiring words of encouragement came from "Science of Mind" daily guide, for June 14th, 2013, by Rev. Sally Robbins
The story's undertone resonated for me and empowered encouragement of what is possible.  I live from the land of possibilities in everything I touch, hear or see.

As you read, notice and listen to the underlying message.  May this speak to your heart in what ever you are encountering in your life and or business.

Growing Through It.

"Deep within man dwells those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action" Orison Swett Marden

I would rather see a student of this Science prove its Principle than to have him repet all the words of wisdom that have ever been uttered.  It is far easier to teach the truth than it is to practice It.  ~The Science of Mind, page 423

I lived in Minneapolis in 1993 when there was record flooding along the Mississippi River. Scientists discovered that the plants that normally grow on the bottom of the Mississippi and
reach to just above the water line were significantly taller that year. Due to the flood waters being over six feet above the Mississippi’s normal water line, the plants had to grow at least six feet higher to reach the top of the water to receive the sunlight they needed. There was
something within them that urged them to grow—and grow far taller than theyhad previously grown.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and feel that the waters of life are closing in over our heads. It is in this moment that we have the opportunity to practice our spiritual principles. This is the time when we get to walk our talk. As Morpheus from The Matrix says, “Sooner or later, you’re going to realize that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” Instead of spouting hollow platitudes, we courageously walk the spiritual path and learn from it.

There is something within us that is calling us to grow. The challenges in our lives are opening us to greater possibilities. Just as those plants in the Mississippi River needed to grow taller to reach the sunlight, we can grow through whatever comes. (Science of Mind, June 14, 2013 Rev. Sally Robbins)

So I whisper to your heart, what is calling you to grow?

What is your heart yearning?

What challenges are opening you to greater possibilities?

Your heart is talking to you.  Are you listening?  If you don't who will?

If this story or inquiring questions have created a spark of curiosity inside of you e-mail me at
Warmly -

Debbie Rosenfelt
Chief Heart Officer


Monday, April 22, 2013


Super EXCITED right now.  Just completed an interview today with Cindy Ashton at Speaker Stardom to support her peeps on creating a solid organized financial foundation.

I went through six of the seven steps of the "How to Be Your Own CFO" 
(Click on the above link to grab your own copy.)
I thought why not share it with those who want to start a business, or who are currently in business  and want to create a solid organized finanacial foundation and gain a CFO's perspective to learn what you need to support a thriving business.

Ready, for creating a solid organized financial foundation?
Step #1  Create an entity:
So What are the types of business entities?
There is no one perfect choice for any business. You must determine which of the options best fits both your current needs and your business plans. Some of the things you’ll consider include:

• The cost and complexity of creating and maintaining the business structures
• Your current income tax situation
• The potential risks and liabilities of your Business
• Your investment needs and income projections

The different business structures include:
Sole proprietorship

• General Partnership
• Limited Partnership
Limited liability company (LLC)

I will provide information on the three highlighted in red since I have personal experience with the three. 
The Sole proprietorship is the most common form of structure in the US for one-person businesses. You don't have to register with the state, pay annual state fees, nor do anything else special other than obtain the required business licenses. You are the business; and while this generally makes paperwork much easier to do, remember that you may end up paying more in taxes with this default option, and you'll be personally liable for all business debts and obligations.

The pros - it's easy and simple, you just need a business license, and of course a separate bank account and business credit card.

The con's - You may end up paying more in taxes and you'll be personally liable for all business debts and obligations.

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) were a gift to small businesses. Not only are they less formal structures than corporations to manage, they provide their shareholders with the liability protection of corporations and the flexibility of deciding how the business will be taxed.

By default, a single member LLC will be taxed as a sole proprietor and a multi-member LLC as a partnership: the profits or losses will flow through directly to the members. However, you can elect to have an LLC taxed like a Corporation, either C or S. With these tax elections, you get all the benefits of being taxed as a corporation together with the greater simplicity of managing a less formal structure.

Although an LLC does not require the same formal paperwork as a corporation, bear in mind that the liability protection of the company is based upon the fact that it is an entity separate from its owners. To prove that this is the case, the company must be run professionally. All professional organizations document decisions; so don't forget the paperwork altogether.
The pros - LLC's provide their shareholders with the liability protection of corporations.
The con's - Single member LLC's will be taxed as a sole proprietor and a multi-member LLC as a partnership: the profits or losses will flow through directly to the members.

Corporations (S Corp and C Corp) Unlike partnerships and sole proprietorships, corporations are independent legal and tax entities. From both a legal and tax perspective, the company is completely separate from the people who own, control, and manage the company.
The primary difference between an S-corp and a C-corp is how the profit or loss of the corporation is handled.
The C-corporation pays income taxes in its own right. Shareholders of the C-corp pay taxes only on what they take out of the corporation in the form of salaries, bonuses or dividends. The S-corporation, on the other hand, may pay some state and local tax in its own right, but it is primarily a pass through entity, passing the net income or loss to the individual shareholders/owners, who report it on their personal taxes.
A C-corporation exists only in law. Like an individual, it can incur debt, own property, sue and be sued. It files taxes as a separate entity (like an individual) and continues its existence despite changes in ownership or management.
Perhaps the best aspects of a C-corporation are the large number of tax deductions that can be taken and the range of benefits that can be offered..
There are only three ways to get money out of a C-corporation prior to dissolution:
1. as W2 wages;

2. as a dividend, which is a distribution of profit which has been taxed at the corporate level, then is taxed again at the individual level;

3. as a loan, preferably to another entity that will use the money for other investments.

An S-Corporation is a legal entity that is designed for small businesses, where the owners typically need most of the money earned to pay for living expenses. The IRS allows the shareholders of an S-corp to take money out of the corporation two ways:

- as W2 wages, with the attendant payroll and income taxes;
- as a distribution, with attendant income taxes only. No payroll or self-employment tax is owed on this money

The pros - An S corporation, or S corp, lets you avoid self-employment taxes or equivalent payroll taxes on some of the profits you take out of the business.  Often times, in fact, an S corporation saves a business owner thousands of dollars a year in self-employment or payroll taxes. 

The cons - There are restrictions on how distributions are split among shareholders; and unlike C-corporations, there are severe restrictions on who can hold the shares of an S-corp.

Should I form an LLC (Company) or Corporation?

Let’s assume that you’ve decided limiting your personal liability and saving money on taxes is a good idea. Now, you have two main choices – form a Corporation, which is the more familiar approach, or try out the new streamlined Limited Liability Company (LLC). Which do you choose?
Like anything, there’s no one "right" choice. However, there are a few guidelines you can follow.

When an LLC might be a better choice

The LLC is simple and flexible, and therefore makes the better choice for most small businesses. It also combines the liability protection of a corporation with the flexibility of deciding your tax election. This is especially useful if your business will hold real estate that is increasing in value. You certainly want the liability protection in case you are sued by a tenant. However, in a C-corporation, when the property is sold the gain will be taxed as ordinary income at the prevailing tax rate for the corporation. If the gain is significant, this rate can be quite high. Moreover, if the gain is distributed to the shareholders in the form of a dividend, the proceeds will be taxed again at the individual level. In an LLC taxed as a partnership or sole proprietorship, the gain will flow down to the members as passive income to be taxed as long term capital gains without payroll or self-employment tax or double taxation.
This is just a brief overview of a few choices.  I recommend you have many a conversation with your CPA, or contact Legal Zoom to ask questions to help you understand which entity will be right for you and your business.

The more time you spend on research and learning, the more informed you will be.  Repetition, repetition, repetition is my motto and it's how we learn and absorb new information.  Ask plenty of questions and do not take any answer for granted.
Another great resource for you to learn about entities is:

Questions??? Reach out to me at
Warmly -
Debbie Rosenfelt
Chief Heart Officer



Have you heard about Brene' Brown's book, "Daring Greatly'?

I have been reading it every day for the last month soaking in every word.  I watched and listened intently to her wisdom when she was on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday a few week's ago.  I am exstatic to be going to see Brene' in Seattle this Wednesday night. 

Can you tell, I am truly moved by her work?  Why, she has easily put language to feelings I have felt the majority of my life, yet did not know how to articulate.  I feel seen and heard by Brene' and she doesn't even know who I am. Yet she understands my human needs, our human needs, to be seen, heard and valued.  She gives us a language that describe experiences that we've all had.  She gives us a language to understand more fully and deeply what we already knew, yet did not know how to express.
She speaks to vulnerability, shame and guilt and shares how to lead while being vulnerable without using shame. Powerful!!  
If you have not yet purchased the book, I HIGHLY recommend it. "Daring Greatly" by Brene' Brown  For every leader, CEO, senior manager and parent.  Daring Greatly teaches how to take life to the next level.
I am sharing the leadership manifesto below as my heart sang when I read it.  .
it speaks to brilliant heartfelt leadership.
You can get a free down loadable copy from her site Brene' Brown's "Leadership Manifesto"

"The Daring Greatly Leadership Manifesto"  by Brene Brown

To the CEO’s and teachers. To the principals and the managers. 
To the politicians, community leaders and decisions makers.
We want to show up, we want to learn, and we want to inspire.
We are hardwired for connection, curiosity, and engagement.
We crave purpose, and we have a deep desire to create and contribute.
We want to take risks, embrace our vulnerabilities, and be courageous.

When learning and working are dehumanized – when you no longer see us and no longer encourage our daring, or when you only see what we produce or how we perform – we disengage and turn away from the very things that the world needs from us: our talent, our ideas, and our passion.

What we ask is that you engage with us, show up beside us, and learn from us.

Feedback is a function of respect; when you don’t have honest conversations with us about our strengths and our opportunities for growth, we question our contributions and your commitment.

Above all else, we ask that you show up, let yourself be seen, and be courageous. 
Dare Greatly with us.

Powerful, isn’t  it?

As a leader, manager or as a parent, how do you dare greatly?

Warmly -

Debbie Rosenfelt
Chief Heart Officer


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Have you ever been in a job, relationship or pattern of behavior that used to bring you pleasure but is no longer satisfying? 

Nothing has changed except you: you are bored, antsy or are witnessing a yearning, a hunger for some part of your life to be different. That is actually good!  It's called divine discontent.  It often comes right before a big shift or next step: it's Spirit nudging your forward.
Divine discontent happens when something new beckons, and you are hesitating.  You are trying to find satisfaction in a world that's too small for you.  You want to stay there because it's familiar and yet it no longer serves you.  It's like a chick in an egg.  First, it's comforting, and then as the chick grows, it feels cramped and prays for a bigger egg.  however it's the Universe's intention for the egg to crack open and the chick to find a new expansive world outside.
Are you noticing your egg is cracking? Are you being nudged? Experiencing divine discontent?
Ask yourself, have I settled for a life that feels cramped?  If so, what's stopping me from breaking out and moving forward? Fear? Procrastination? Habit? Trust that you're OK and then take tiny steps.  Say YES instead of No.  Don't settle.  It's never too late. You are not too old, too unhealthy, too broke, or too wounded to start.  Remember that chick mentioned earlier?  We can learn from her.  What is one small step you'll take this week to begin cracking the shell?   (Excerpt from Science of Mind, March 26th, 2013.)
What are you yearning for to be different?

Warmly -

Debbie Rosenfelt