Friday, May 18, 2012


Today's GREAT inspiring story . . I LOVED it as soon as I read it and thought this is PERFECT to share.  Of course I am always thinking.  . how can I apply inspiring stories around finances . . business and even personal . .

So as you read.  . apply this to how you think about and work with your finances . . this is about shifting your perspective . . look at the positive . . .
Tell me something good  . . .below . . Be inspired to just be with where you are.


Here is your Friday story,

"Tell Me Something Good"

Many people that work at the hospital know me by the phrase/question: "Tell me something good!" Of course there are many things in this world that are bad; HOWEVER, there are also many, many things in this world that are good.

It took me years before I realized this valuable life's lesson, but I finally learned it! Therefore, I "spread" this message around work at the Harris Healthcare System, mainly at Ben Taub General Hospital on the trauma floor, to patients, families and staff.

On one occasion I called a discharged patient, Barbara, whom I had worked with over a lengthy hospitalization. Every time I would enter her room, I would ask her to "tell me something good!" At first, she did not have any answers because she felt that "nothing was good." However, eventually she started thinking deeply and realized, "Sure, I have many problems, but I also have many positive things. At least I am able to say I woke up."

She became positive and started smiling more and more, as she progressed daily. Eventually, she was discharged from the hospital. After a week, I called her to see how she was doing. Barbara answered the phone and I said, "Hi, this is Mike Segal." I waited for her to respond . . . and waited . . . and waited some more. I heard nothing but breathing on the other end of the phone. I broke the silence by repeating, "This is Mike Segal" and added "from Ben Taub Hospital." I was sure she now would realize who I was; however, again "nothing" but silence on the other end of the phone receiver. Quickly I said, "Tell me something good!"

I could "feel" Barbara's smile as she screamed, "MIKE!" She started yelling out questions and said she was doing very well. Now, it was my turn to smile!

I never know what to expect when I ask that question. One day I walked into a room and saw a patient in his hospital bed with his wife close by in a chair. "Hi, it's Mike. Hello John . . . Hello Sara. John, tell me something good."

I had been working with his wife, mainly in the waiting room, so I had not had much interaction with John, especially since he had been in the ICU, heavily sedated. However, now it was my time to ask my question, "Tell me something good."

John calmly answered, "Peanut Butter."

I started laughing and said, "Yes . . . Peanut Butter is good, but tell me something good ABOUT YOU!"

"I am looking forward to eating a Peanut Butter sandwich."

I continued to laugh as I thought, "At least he is not thinking negatively!"

Yet another patient, Mary, had been in the hospital for many weeks. She was beginning to get somewhat depressed, thinking on more than one occasion "that she would never be discharged from the hospital." I tried to encourage her, having her focus on what was positive in her life: family, friends, improving . . . I told her about one of my favorite books (out of print), which was a collection of positive short stories called, "Focus On The Bagel, Not On The Hole." I explained that, "Sure, there are many bad things in life; however, there are so many great things: Like the bagel!" I always tried to encourage her to "FOCUS ON THE BAGEL!"

One Monday when I walked into Mary's room, I saw her smiling from ear to ear. I quickly asked, "Mary, tell me something good." She hurriedly replied, "Mike, the doctor said maybe I could go home at the end of the week!"

I jumped back in, asking, "So what's the first thing you're going to do when you get home?"

Mary calmly smiled and said, "I'm going to eat a bagel . . . with Philadelphia cream cheese spread over and blocking the hole!"

I laughed, but realized how far she had come - both physically and emotionally. Sure, life can hurt, but Mary taught me that with a positive attitude, plus the Philadelphia cream cheese, most things are possible!

Michael Jordan Segal ©2012
Michael Jordan Segal, who defied all odds after being shot in the head and then returning to college, is a husband, father and social worker. He works at a level one trauma center (giving emotional support and hope to patients and families), freelance author (including a CD/Download of 12 stories, read with light background music, entitled POSSIBLE, as well as working on his autobiography, which will be entitled A SHOT OF INSPIRATION), and inspirational speaker, sharing his recipe for happiness, recovery and success before conferences and businesses. To contact Mike or to order his CD, please visit   as well as checking out his youtube

How did that feel?  Share . .  Tell Me Something Good below . .about your business . . about your finances   .about your life.

Make it a great weekend . . and share a story to inspire . .

Warmly -

Debbie Rosenfelt
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

CFO 411 - WA Dept of Revenue Audit - Are You Prepared for an Audit?

Last weekend I began preparing for an audit that was scheduled for Tuesday with the WA State Dept of Revenue.  This was for the gym business my son owns, also my business partner.  I was told by John Hamilton, the auditor the business was randomly chosen for this audit.  There are times that businesses are manually chosen.  In this case we were just one of the computer sample test businesses chosen.
I was told the audit is to make sure we paid WA State use tax on all assets purchased for use in the business as well as confirm we are paying the correct tax on memberships, products, and services, such as personal training, tanning, etc.
The audit began with the first month of business which was February 2008 through the first quarter 2012.
I was ready.  I audited all the monthly reports before the auditor did to make sure we were taking the promo referral fees as a deduction for excise and sales tax, water sales deducted from retail sales and sales tax was being paid correctly. 
In addition Iwas informed he would review all the purchase of assets of the business to make sure use tax was paid.  I trusted we handled it properly.
The findings . . . we did not pay sales tax on four asset items.  The asset purchases were on items made outside the state of WA.  We will receive an assessment around the end of June and the gym will owe approximately $2k in use tax from 2008 from assets purchased.  All other sales tax testing was in good order.
This was a good experience, I learned a lot and the audit went smoothly.  I had all the receipts for the asset purchases that showed what we did pay sales tax on and what we did not. I presented them to John, he checked it off his list, or wrote a comment "use tax owed".
The lesson  . .
1). Create a solid organized financial foundation so when you receive a letter from the state or IRS you will be prepared immediately for the audit and you will be able to show your receipts.
2.) Make sure to have all of your asset receipts on file, titled and organized by year.  Electronically or paper.  This will provide the support you need when they ask for the receipts.
3.) Organize all of your invoice and sales receipts by month, by year.
4.) Keep all Dept of Revenue reports and payments by year in a folder.
5.) Audit your records or have your bookkeeper audit your records and review them quarterly.  Less surprises along the way.
6.) Do not panic . . the auditor is there to perform their job, they are just like you and I .. human and need to get the work done.  In my case the audit was quite pleasant and I asked questions and learned a lot.  The audit is based on the rules of the state legislature that was voted in by your representatives.
7.) make sure you have cash stashed in the savings for times when you owe past tax so you do not have to scramble to figure out how you are going to pay the tax bill.
Are you ready for an audit?  Use the above tips to set yourself up for success.
Questions, comments, leave them below or e-mail me at

Warmly -
Debbie Rosenfelt
Chief Heart Officer

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Story to Inspire - Making A Difference

Today's story speaks to how a young boy took a small step, a little idea that served his country. This idea of his reflects commitment, dedication and love and purpose.

As you read this story, I wonder how does this story speaks to you.  I wander if you feel it in your heart that inspires you to take a step forward in serving purpose.
Enjoy Friday's story.  
Man grows 1,360-acre forest in himself
A man in India single-handedly planted an entire forest, proving that one person really can make a large difference.

You always hear that one person can make a large difference in the world. Today, we've got a story that proves that saying.
When he was a teenager in Northern India's Assam region about 30 years ago, Jadav "Molai" Payeng began planting seeds in a sandbar near his birthplace. A few years later, he moved into the area and turned the seed-planting and tree-nurturing into his life's work, planting seeds and helping them grow over a wide area that was initially left for desolate.

In the past 30 years, his seed-planting endeavors have resulted in a massive, 1,360-acre jungle in Assam, a forest ecosystem that has left an incredible mark on the Indian landscape and stands as a testament to Payeng's dedication.

Initially, the forest department told Payeng that trees could not grow in that area. He was not dissuaded; instead he dedicated himself to the task of nurturing the forest, and his dedication has produced results. The Molai woods, in addition to being covered with lush greenery, is now home to a whole host of creatures big and small, including birds, deers, rhinos, tigers, and elephants.

Jadav "Molai" Payeng is a hero to those animals, to the ecosystem in the area, and to conservationists across India. But he is also a hero to us, people living oceans away who don't necessarily work in forestry or in the environment industry. Payeng is a hero because he has proven that with commitment, blood, sweat, knowledge, and dedication to making a difference, one person can truly make a difference, and a large difference, on the world.

It's easy to discount the impact that we can have on the people and places around us. It's easy to feel insignificant when faced with the enormity of the issues that surround us. But it's important to remember that our actions, no matter how small they may be, make a difference. Whether it's bringing a smile to someone's day or revitalizing a forest ecosystem, the little acts of kindness and good have enormous impact.

Our small actions may not necessarily lead to a forest and safe haven for animals, but they have the potential to grow and flourish all the same.

Sameer Vasta
Writer and Blogger

To share with you my purpose . . I LOVE my work . . I love working with CEO's, entrepreneurs and business owners.  Did you know that you are all one in the same? J You just don't see it.  I do and I am fascinated to hear each person's story of how each person started their business.

I have worked with many large multi-million dollar businesses as their Controller and CFO.  In 2007 I started my business to share my knowledge with entrepreneurs so they too can have their own CFO (Chief Financial Officer).  Yes t a CFO is ust a title . . however there is vast knowledge in knowing and understanding business finances.

How to manage cash flow, in Great times and very tough down times.  How to grow your business by creating revenue projections so you can see your dreams through numbers.

Revenue projections serve many purposes, it allows you to project and see when you offer is profitable, it allows you to see if you are charging the right price, it allows you to see what revenue would look like with increasing your price.  You are able to calculate "how many hours do I need to spend on generating this revenue.  Where there is only 24 hours in a day and you projected an unrealistic # of hours (units) in this case that you cannot fulfill . . how are you going to make it work?

I see so many AHHA's business owners have when they take the leap with revenue projections.

How are you managing your cash?  You're not?  WHY? This is so critical for every single business.  I DON"T CARE that you are a small business . . YOU need to know this . . it is critical.  It is about training your mind and beliefs in you.  When your business grows to a millon $, and your not tracking your cash . . how do you expect yourself to get caught up in learning when you are so busy running a million dollar business?

Here is an inquiry - if you had 30 minutes to ask me 3 critical, valuable questions that would support you with your business, what would you ask? 

Here is your opportunity.  Leave your questions below, or e-mail me at or schedule a 30 minute complimentary finance strategy call.  I promise you will be heard.

My purpose with CFO Made Easy. . cultivate attention and awareness around business finances with an open heart and non-judgmental approach.  

Warmly -

Debbie Rosenfelt
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Video - Debbie Sharing a Few Thoughts Job vs Entrepreneurship

The last three days I was at a conference / workshop with Kyle Cease in Universal City, CA.  Transformative . . seriously transformative.  Why . . he spoke to and demonstrated in each moment, during those three days living life in the flow and letting go of "shit", such as fear, frustration, overwhelm.  The time spent was hilarious and has a heart hitting impact.

"Yeah, give me a break, how can anyone do that" . .I hear fear talking . . . I DON'T CARE . . . it is possible  . . I just practice everyday . . it''s called going with the flow of life . .going with what shows up.
Hopping on a surf board . . paddling out to the wave and then . . the wave catches me on the board and I am riding the wave of life . . . trusting and allowing what shows up is exactly what I need in that moment and going with it . . I did that this weekend . . and life just flowed.
I also did it last fall going to an event in Yosemite, and volunteered to pick up 5 strangers all throughout the San Francisco Bay area and everything just flowed with ease . . I was in action and I listened to my intuition . . ideas came up in my head and I checked it out . . I knew when action flowed . . I was on the right path . . those 5 strangers are now life friends.
So this morning as I was working out at the gym, I started thinking. . why is it so easy for me to get a "job" versus making it hard to be an entrepreneur. I am really good at "getting a job" talking one on one and making a difference in 1 CEO's life with his/her company.  . for a steady weekly or bi-weekly paycheck.  Yet my passion is to work with hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs making a difference for them and their businesse. 
I see and feel my passion and I feel it in my heart, I am on the right wave . . working with business owners and finances is so needed . . I love making a difference and seeing the impact in people's eyes . . there is something deep inside that is calling me.  .
So why do I make it hard creating an income as an entrepreneur.  Why do I struggle with making a difference and being paid for it directly.  Do any of you have that same thought?
I recorded my thoughts on a video this morning after I worked out. This last weekend I made a commitment to Kyle Cease and the group I would Kylego for the next 90 days and record it on video. If I do not follow through the pain point is I would donate $10k to the NRA.  Why the "NRA" because I despise guns.  My son committed suicide in December 2008 with a gun. (yes I get it that was his choice, this is NOT a place for a gun debate)
I am on day two. . and this short clip is just something I wanted to share as there may be a few of you that have the same thought playing in your head.  

What does this have to do with finances . . . this has to do with commitment to invest in self, and business . I process my deeper thoughts to see the gift, to help me grow, transform and move forward in action. See, I have this deep desire to have an impact and make a difference in entrepreneurs and business owners lives.  I know YOU too, want to make a difference in peoples lives. 
How do you transform and move forward in action? I would love to hear you share how you support yourself with growth and transformation for you and your business.


Warmly -
Debbie Rosenfelt
Chief Heart Officer